Research Funding

Do you need resources to conduct clinical research? Have you applied for grants and been rejected? Have you considered all of the right sources for funding? Would you consider a clinical trial with military hospitals or the VA? These are challenges we know how to overcome.

TAMM Net can help by crafting a funding strategy for you approaching multiple sources, including the Department of Defense, DARPA, BARDA, NIH, FDA, CDC, private foundations, and others you may not know. With ready access to these resources, TAMM Net will find the funds you need to take your product from design to pivotal trial. There are billions of dollars available.

The inside knowledge of which agency would be most interested in your specific product is one of the many value added services TAMM Net colleagues bring to the project. How to deal with the federal government is another specialty in its own right.

TAMM Net has the connections to expand your research possibilities

We know the individuals who manage many of the key agencies and institutions. We have knowledge and experience in communicating funding requests to match the strategic qualities and goals sought by each government agency. By integrating their needs with our clients’ needs, we develop personalized, effective grant or research funding strategies. We know what to say, and how to say it for each funding source. TAMM Net will:

  • Present multiple options for funding and pursue them simultaneously
  • Guide you in contract negotiations
  • Work with potential principal investigators
  • Help write grants or proposals
  • Introduce your product to the right decision makers
  • Perform literature searches and obtain complete articles with copyrights

Tasks we routinely perform for our clients:

  • Audit clinical trial sites
  • Coordinate multiple site trials
  • Serve as Research coordinator managing CRO activities
  • Write clinical protocols
  • Acquisition of funding from government sources, such as DoD, NIH, and CDC
  • Grant request writing
  • Foundation grants
  • Integration of payer needs
  • Expert clinical research program management with government organizations like the Henry Jackson Foundation, VA hospitals, and Walter Reed National Military Medical Center
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